Dedicated Family History Professionals

Our Methodology

At Family History Tracers, we take your story seriously. We know how sensitive this information is, and we value accuracy and professionalism above all else. No matter who the customer is, we use the same academic approach to deliver research that is comprehensively investigated. checked, and verified. All of our research goes through this process before it reaches you.


Our Process

1. Research

Gather data from reliable historical primary sources

3. Validate

Cross-reference data against other sources to verify facts

2. Assemble

Draft an initial family tree based on the evidence

4. Advise

Offer recommendations and guidance for further investigation


About Our Founder

With decades of experience helping people to discover their family history, Paul Wilkins is a recognized authority in the areas of ancestry and genealogy. Paul has worked with audiences of all ages and experience levels, from teaching at the University of Warwick, to leading courses at archives and libraries. He holds a bachelor's degree in Sociology with a Masters Degree in Research Methodology.

The most important qualities for any historian are thoroughness and professionalism, and Paul combines these traits with a passion for storytelling that ensures all clients are left fully satisfied. He is driven by a strong belief in the value of 'ordinary' people, and knows from experience that they often have the most interesting stories to tell...   

Born in Barmouth, Wales, Paul moved to Birmingham with his family when he was six years old. He married his wife Carol in 1988 and went on to have three children with her. They live happily in Birmingham with a black cat called Spooky.