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My Origin Story – Our Ordinary Ancestors

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

I have always been interested in the stories of my ancestors. As a young child I remember visiting an old mill in North Wales and interrogating my great grandparents at length about our family and where they came from. This fascination stayed with me throughout my life, developing from an interest into a passion, and from a passion into a hobby.

Eventually – almost 20 years ago now – I decided to parlay my passion into a profession, and since then I’ve been absorbed in the world of ancestry and genealogy. Over the years I’ve helped hundreds – if not thousands – of people to trace their family tree, and now I’m proud to take this forward into its next evolution: The Family Tree Tracers.

Many years ago I read a quote by an American author, broadcaster and historian named Louis "Studs" Terkel. During his life he documented and celebrated the lives of ordinary men and women, even winning a Pulitzer prize for non-fiction in 1982. In a famous quote he once said:

"Who built the pyramids? It wasn't the pharaohs who built the pyramids. It was the anonymous slaves."

Of course, it’s interesting to look through the history and read about kings, queens, pharaohs, and emperors. But it’s important to remember that the individuals truly responsible for mankind’s greatest achievements, are actually the ordinary people like you and me.

This principle is at the center of my passion for genealogy. Whoever our ancestors were, and no matter how big or small their achievements, they deserve to be remembered. There is a unique satisfaction that comes with looking back at your family tree, and I believe it’s a feeling that everyone should experience.

If you’ve never created a family tree, or if you have but there are branches of it that remain a mystery, then we would love to help! The initial search is totally free, so you’ve got nothing to lose, and you never know what you might find out.

Click here to reach out and get started!

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