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The Family Tree Tracers Services

We Put Your Needs First

One - to - one tutorials

We offer online tutorials where we can help participants in tracing their family tree, taking them through the records that are available online.

Ancestry Detectives Workshop

We have been engaging children in looking at the history of their family by using online resources. We have produced a pack for each participant.

Irish Ancestory

As part of Saint Patricks Day celebrations we have organised workshops to help people trace their Irish ancestry. We have also developed online courses and workshops. We also offer an Irish Family History research pack.

Caribbean Roots

As part of the Black History Month we organised workshops aimed to assist people tracing their Caribbean family history. We offer online courses and a research pack.

Commeration Events

If you are a school planning to commemorate a significant anniversary of your schools existence, such as 50, 100, 150 or 200 years we can assist in providing old photographs, school records, newspaper articles and any other records in existance.

Monthly Newsletter

To keep up to date with all of the news and latest developments in family history subscribe to our monthly newsletter. As you may know access to historical records are always changing. We will keep you informed and updated on a monthly basis for a minimal charge of £1 a month.

Speaking Engagements

If you require a talk about family history or genealogy in person or online we provide a 60 minute illustrated talk at the cost of £30.


We offer 4 different sets of online courses. Each course lasts 12 weeks and it is connection with our research guide. The participants get a research guide.

General Research Workbook

The workbook has been designed to help you keep a record of all the family history research you undertake to avoid duplication.

House History

If you're interested in tracing the history of your house we can support you in carrying out research by a one-to-one tutorial.

Old Document Transcriptions

If you have an old document you can not transcribe we can offer a transcription service.

Photograph Analysis

We provide a dating and interpreting service for old photographs.

Checking Service

If you have already started your family history we can help you to check you have the correct record.

Brick Wall

If you have already started your family history at some point you will come across a brick wall which you can't seem to pass. We can help you address the problems you are facing.


If you have embarked on a community research project we can provide expertise you require.