Family History Success Stories

A Selection of Our Discoveries

Our team has helped thousands of budding genealogists to make fascinating discoveries about their family history over the last 20+ years. This page contains just a small sample of the stories that have been most memorable.

Jo Ind - Direct Descendant of Elizabeth Fry

In 2009 Paul helped Jo Ind to discover that she is a direct descendant of Elizabeth Fry, a woman whose efforts to reform prisons in the early 1800s led to her being commemorated on the back of the five-pound note from 2001 to 2016.

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Tracing the Medals of a WWI Nurse

When I first started teaching family history at Warwick University, one of my students who enrolled on to the course brought in an old belt that her grandmother wore when she was a nurse in the First World War. The belt was covered with army badges, so she asked me to help her identify the regiments of each badge. She told me that whilst her grandmother was a nurse the soldiers who she cared for gave her badges as a thank you for helping them. After the war, she made it into a belt and this was handed down to her granddaughter. I was able to help her find the regiments of each badge, which was an incredibly rewarding experience.


Linda Atterbury - Ancestor Fought in the Battle of Waterloo

in 2011 Paul helped Linda Atterbury to make the fascinating discovery that her great-great-grandfather fought in the historic 1815 Battle of Waterloo, as part of a distinguished military career spanning almost 30 years.

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"Paul's knowledge of records is truly second to none. He always knows where to look, and has a patient, kindly manner which helps the frustration enormously! Without his help I would still be searching in the dark and I wholeheartedly recommend him to help with any family history you want to trace."

P. Olphin

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